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affiliates & icon directory, updated 11/29/2012 [03 Jan 2030|02:44pm]
Icon Directory )

Directory Update 11/29/2012 [30 Nov 2012|09:46pm]
Added backlogged entries to the directory. It is now up-to-date.

KRISTEN STEWART, 126 ICONS [13 Nov 2012|08:08pm]

126 Kristen Stewart, Snow White and the Huntsman )

All images are back up. Bandwidth crisis resolved. [01 Jun 2012|09:06am]

Okay, everything is back up. I've put my private Photobucket account back on Pro, because I haven't been transfering the old images to my icon account quickly enough. My bandwidth either didn't roll over this morning, or I've already exceeded my limit again.

Anyway, enjoy! Hotlinking is still bad, but I'll pay $2.99 a month to avoid suspending the icons.

Sharpening Techniques: Compatible w/ Photoshop, GIMP, and Pixlr [28 May 2012|11:42pm]


A photo heavy tutorial detailing two different methods of image sharpening. Covers both the Sharpening Filter and the different capabilities of the Sharpening Tool.

It's an experimental process: you know what looks good, so trust your judgement. )

LENORA CRICHLOW, 60 ICONS [28 May 2012|08:52pm]

60 Lenora Crichlow, Being Human U.K. )

DANIEL CRAIG, 66 ICONS [28 May 2012|08:05pm]

66 Daniel Craig, Misc Projects. POSSIBLY NSFW: shirtless male, and the shirtless kissing of a nude female back. Nothing offensive, but still. )

CHLOE MORETZ, 78 ICONS [28 May 2012|05:53pm]

78 Chloe Moretz, Our Deal. )

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